Часы с телефоном модель W

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Small and comfortable, suitable for bothadult and children.

The W “phonewatch” from Kempler & Strauss combines a touch screen interface with basic phone functionality so you can use the device while biking or hiking.

1: quad-band network connection GSM850, 900/1800/1900 MHz (GPRS)
2: flat-screen design, pure touch screen
3: high-definition difference 1.3 million pixel camera
4:1.5-inch flat screen color TFT screen display 260 000
5: Support MP3 music player
6: Support for 128x128 pixel video format 3GP/MPEG4
7: support T-Flash card, maximum support 4G
8: support handwriting touchscreen function
9: Entertainment camera, video recording and voice recording
10: supports three call modes, hands-free, wired and wireless Bluetooth headset
11: language- English

12: with a variety of colors, fashion Colorful Personality

Package includes:
1) watch mobile phone / 1
2) Lithium batteries / 2
3) Data cable / 1
4) Headphone / 1
5) English user manual / 1
6) Charger / 1

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